Gaming Memories

Childhood Gaming Memories

I always love gaming.  I remember when I was a child, I enjoyed playing the games in the computer. Before we play it on a console, we have a Nintendo Family Computer. Those were the hay days of gaming. I love how the screen shows 64-bit images jumping over the obstacles on the screen. Well you know how nostalgic I…

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Counseling Retreats

The traditional way of counseling has helped many already over the years. Recently, however, clients have reported that intensive counseling retreats are more effective than the traditional way of counseling. It has been reported that it has more powerful effects that their traditional counterpart. It usually done in three full days, spent in a place designed specifically for this type…

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Vaping Adventures

Vaping has Changed Me

I admit I am a heavy smoker. I have been smoking since I was18 years old. I started I think early at least on my standards, but I guess I regret it now. It was so severe that I can smoke at least a pack of cigarette in a half day. I know deep inside me that I could get…

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