Gaming Memories

Childhood Gaming Memories

I always love gaming.  I remember when I was a child, I enjoyed playing the games in the computer. Before we play it on a console, we have a Nintendo Family Computer. Those were the hay days of gaming. I love how the screen shows 64-bit images jumping over the obstacles on the screen. Well you know how nostalgic I am when I see Mario bros. My favorite character and game, oh so many memories, so many flashbacks.

I remember me and my brother used to fight over who will be player A and mom will turn off the console until we made up our minds and settle ourselves down. Those are great childhood memories.  I always smile thinking of those memories.

Well today we are very long way when it comes to gaming. We are afar cry from the 64-bit display. We now have 4k which was a long way from the blurry, pixelated characters we have before. Today we are graphics cards have grown more and more powerful, adding each month a new feature to an already packed GPU. To learn more about this topic you can check out an informative article on GCA.

Well there are only two brands when it comes to GPU, the company AMD and Nvidia. Well these two are entirely necked to necked when it comes to GPU design and speed.

Graphics cards alone can’t make your gaming great. You need also a PC build that has a great specification. You need an Intel I Core processor to do the job. You will also need enough RAM like 16gb at least and SSD for storage. Games have also level up you need serious resources to run it smoothly. So, if you are building your own PC for gaming, to make sure that your rig can take it or if your graphics card can handle the game. You can check out GPU comparisons post like this post article about gtx 1060 vs gtx 960 on  Posts like these can be very helpful in your quest of finding the right graphics card.