Vaping Adventures

Vaping has Changed Me

I admit I am a heavy smoker. I have been smoking since I was18 years old. I started I think early at least on my standards, but I guess I regret it now. It was so severe that I can smoke at least a pack of cigarette in a half day.

I know deep inside me that I could get health issues of all of sorts because of smoking. So, I was thinking of an alternative to my smoking addiction. I need to minimize it or get rid of it for good.

And then there was vaping. It was not new to me; I have friends who vapes. But I just ignore it. One of my vaping friends convinced me to try it for the first time. I took a puff and there it was. That was the trigger, after that incident I immediately search for a website that sell vaporizers.

This site Vaporizer Friend is so great of a site that it has all. Just name it from the latest vaporizers update, vaporizer reviews and comparisons also.

The site helped me to transition myself from smoking to vaping. The readings here are so on point that it urged me to buy my first vaporizer a puffco peak. I love my puffco peak it is so easy to use and it is convenient. Oh, by the way, you can buy a puffco peak on sale here.

Since I went to vaping, I feel I became healthier. I also smell better and can smell things now. Unlike before that I can’t smell food but now that I have stopped smoking and did vaping, it is a complete turnaround. My cough has also subsided, before it is like me and my cough are one. I mean it is been going for so long.

Well of it is in the past now, I owe this all when I discovered vaping.